Silverado 6 Pouces Lift 37s
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I have a 6" suspension lift with 2-1/2" leveling kit. They fit all the way but if I turn I might risk tearing something up. Please if you have this set up or previous knowledge of this set up post pictures, comments, and suggestions. Please please please no lifts higher than 6". That is not what I am asking about, I am asking for 6"s of lift only. 27/09/2009 · hey guys just bought a 6 inch lift, i have a set of 20's on 33's with the t bars cranked can i fit 37's on 20's with a 6 inch lift i already have the tires thats y im considering ? ive seen a guy on here with t bars cranked and 20's with 35's so i know its not im possible, btw its a 2007.

12/12/2007 · So I have 2002 chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 LS and i bought a 3 inch torsion key lift and cranked them all the way up it started to pull cv axle out of transfer case had to uninstall lift and replace cv axle is there anything i can do to make this lift work or do i throw it away and spend the 1000.

03/11/2018 · As for 37s, it all would depend again on the offset and tire width. If you put 37x12.5 tires on a 9 inch wide rim with 0 offset, you may be able to fit them on the 6 inch lift, otherwise you would probably need 8 inches or more. Edited November 3, 2018 by z1boss. 17/03/2010 · get the 6" kit and add a 3inch body lift n get ya some 38s. if ya want, u can put lower a arms from the 98 or older truck on urs and get more lift out of the front end, we did that to my buddys 05 regular cab 1500 4x4, i never heard of anyone doin it till we did it to his truck, i wasnt to bolded over by addin that a arm but it gave him more lift, he has a 6" suspension, 3inch body lift, new. In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs.

26/01/2015 · Upgraded my 6" suspension lift with 35s to a 9" suspension lift on 37s. I was going to add a 3" body lift on top of the 6", but decided against it because I really wanted to add a grille guard to my truck, and that can't be done without custom brackets on a body lift. Plus the negatives of a body lift. Nice try yourself but it was my old 6" lift i sold to him to buy my 9". When i had it on it was precisely 6" increase in wheel well to ground measurements before bigger tires put on, double verified against the factory height measurement of the red truck in the picture, which was stock at the time. You'll need new rims for any lift except procomp, they're the only ones that don't make a knuckle that doesn't require 4.5" backspacing on the wheel allegedly. Anything is possible it all depends how much money you're willing to spend. 35's and a 6" is cheaper but 37s and a 9" is less common. I am looking at getting the Rough Country 7.5" Lift for my Silverado. The Lift kit recommends 35/12.50's with this lift. I have seen a GMC Sierra with this same lift and 37'" Tires. I would like to put 37's on my Silverado. I understand i will have to do some trimming but does anyone have expierence with running these size tires with this size.

22/03/2009 · lifted 2007 chevy silverado. will it fit 37s? ive got a 6 inch suspension lift on my truck and im putting a body lift on in a few days. i have 33s on it now but the way the truck plastics are around the fenders they can be cut a little and still look as good or even better.

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